2019-08-15 A Recommendation for Minimum Interoperability of Resource Information V1.0 (CD 0907) CC/R 0907:2009 pubdocs/CD0907%20A%20Recommendation%20for%20Minimum%20Interoperability%20of%20Resource%20Information%20V1.0.pdf 2009-06-10 This document was created by the USECASE Technical Committee of the Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium. The document presents a recommendation for enhancing inter-operability of resources within the calendaring and scheduling application domain. Minimum interoperability is the basic level of functionality our collective experience tells us is necessary to have a useful system. The thrust of this effort is to enable resource inter-operability such that, when a described event contains resources, the recipient of that event is able to make practical use of the described resources; ideally the recipient should be so enabled regardless of whether the recipient is within the same calendaring domain. The resulting recommendations rely in part upon adoption of standards revisions that are in draft as of this writing. published USECASE