2019-08-15 Results from Recurrence Questionnaire (CD 0505) CC/S 0505:2005 pubdocs/CD0505%20Results%20from%20First%20Recurrence%20Questionnaire.pdf 2005-09-26 The Recurrence Technical Committee of The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium has collected specific information on how Calendaring and Scheduling implementations have, or have not, implemented the Recurrence Rules of RFCs 2445 and 2446, iCalendar and iTIP. This document is part of the committee's work to compile actual usage information and interoperability issues. The Recurrence Committee recently collected information in the form of a Recurrence Questionnaire, which allowed vendors and other producers and consumers of iCalendar recurrences to list the features of iCalendar that they implemented. The questionnaire also contained space for comments about each line item in the RFCs and also overall issues with recurrences. The Recurrence Technical Committee has since analyzed the results of the questionnaire into this document. published RECURRENCE