2019-08-15 CalDAV Use Cases V1.0 (CD 0507) CC/S 0507:2005 pubdocs/CD0507%20CalDAV%20Use%20Cases%20V1.0.pdf 2005-09-26 This document is one in a series of use case documents that the Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium is developing to help better define the needs of different calendaring and scheduling user groups. As such, this document provides a list of use cases for a calendar access protocol only. Other use case documents will cover different areas of calendaring and scheduling, and will be made available by the Consortium in the usual manner. While this list of use cases was developed to assist in the development of the CalDAV protocol, none of the use cases are specific to CalDAV, that is, this list of use cases should apply to any calendar access protocol. It is expected that this document will be used as a basis to further develop technical requirements for a calendar access protocol such as CalDAV. published CALDAV